Guangdong Nanfang Media Development Fund

According to the guidance of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Guangdong Nanfang Media Development Fund is established by Haitong Leading Capital Management Co.,Ltd. as general partner, co-sponsored the establishment with Nanfang Newspaper Media, Yangcheng Newspaper, Southern Media Corporation, Guangdong Provincial publishing Group and Haitong Kaiyuan Capital., Hua Insurance, Hengqin Financial Investment Co., Ltd. and other financial institutions.

The total size of Guangdong Nanfang Media Development Fund is 10 billion and the first phase is 1.1 billion. The direction of fund investments insists on market-oriented, Guangdong-oriented and media-oriented, in accordance with marketing principles and equity investment regulation, chiefly supporting Guangdong media publishing enterprises to upgrade to promote media integration development via financial power.

Guangdong Nanfang Media Development Fund mainly invests in new cultural industry projects (radio and television, digital publishing, cultural parks, information services, creative design, smart city, etc.), large high-quality state-owned enterprises restructuring and reforming projects, cultural copyright trading and other factor market-related projects (broadcasting, music, education, publishing, IP resources, Internet applications, smart hardware, etc.).