Hujiang Net was set up in 2001 and has been operating since 2006. It is the largest Internet learning platform in China. Hujiang.com has become a large-scale Internet education enterprise with great influence of 200 million learners, 80 million users and 3 million students. It is a leading enterprise in the industry.

Beiyang Media has 18 wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries with a complete publishing business chain. Its main businesses include books, newspapers, electronic audio and digital network publishing, printing and reproduction, distribution logistics and material trading. Among them, the book publishing includes 6 book publishers and 2 electronic audio-visual publishers. The annual publication of nearly 10,000 kinds of books, 22 kinds of new editions of textbooks, the promotion of use in 23 provinces; distribution and marketing, under its Hebei Province Xinhua Bookstore Company has a network of modern publications with a total business area of 300,000 square meters and more than 400 stores. In addition, Beiyang Co., Ltd. has gathered 14 brand newspapers, 3 digital publishing companies, and the largest printing enterprise group in Hebei with the strongest technical strength.


The company is a leading mobile Internet culture enterprise in China, focusing on the secondary industry and helping Chinas secondary industry to develop. It has a second-yuan player community “GULUGULU”, a two-dimensional game publishing platform “gulu game”, and an offline entertainment performance brand “XIAMU” and the game research and development studio, self-developed technology platform, own channel and user end constitute a multi-dimensional two-dimensional ecological circle. At the beginning of 2018, the listed company Chinese Online (300364) issued shares and paid cash to acquire the companys equity.

The company is a new media organization for Hunan Radio and Television to develop its network video business. It includes Mango TV (Internet TV, PC, Phone, Pad, Mobile TV), Hunan IPTV mobile phones and full terminals such as tablet. In 2018, the reorganization plan for HAPPY SHOPPING(300413) to purchase 100% equity of Happy Sunshine and other companies was approved by the CSRC.

The company is a leading domestic bank IT solution provider. Its main business is to provide software development product application and technical services to bank-based financial institutions. It can provide IT consulting, planning, construction, product innovation and marketing and other package solutions for financial industry companies such as banks. On June 8, 2017, the company listed on stock market.

Founded in March 2013, the company specializes in providing digital marketing, data analytics and liquidation services to brand advertisers and mobile developers both at home and abroad. As Asias largest mobile marketing platform, Huiliangs comprehensive solutions including performance advertising, app store search optimization, brand advertising, etc. help advertisers interact better with global users. Its self-developed native + video advertising aggregation platform Mintegral brings developers revenues by aggregating global advertising sources customized native advertising formats and algorithmic technologies. In February 2016, AppsFlyer ranked third in the world in the latest global Android influence list, behind Facebook and Google.

Oriental headline is an automatic learning news information aggregation product. It relies on a wide range of local traditional media sources. The news sources are diversified and reliable. The local content coverage is ahead of many domestic integrated media, and the depth of regional news is analyzed and competitive. 

Guangdong Southern New Media Co., Ltd. is the main new media platform under the operation of the Guangdong Radio and Television Station. It is a new media company of radio and television that is highly valued and supported by Guangdong Radio and Television Station and Guangdong Southern Broadcasting and Television Media Group Co., Ltd. The companys main business includes IPTV, Internet TV and cable TV network value-added services and other new media services. In 2016, the company successfully completed the shareholding system transformation, and won the honor of Chinas annual influence brand.

4K Garden is the leading company in Chinas 4K industry and is working hard to accelerate the 4K upgrade of the Chinese video industry. 4K Garden focuses on solving problems of the less of 4K content and the difficult of production. It provides content partners with a complete set of 4K solutions from pre-production to post-DIT support and content distribution. At present, as the only 4K content platform in China with continuous batch update capability. it has reached cooperation with more than 200 high-quality video program organizations. 4K Garden has reached strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, Huawei, Sony and Thunder. At the same time, it has actively cooperated with radio and television operators, telecom operators and domestic and international video operators, and cooperated with industry chain heavyweight partners to jointly promote industrial development in order to create a health,happy and win-win 4K ecosystem.

WALLSTREETCN.COM is the leading domestic online financial media focused on the dynamics of global capital markets. It provides users with information, data, researches and community services, and has a large number of high-quality professional users. As of the end of 2015, the number of independent visitors reached tens of millions monthly, and the number of independent visitors per day exceeded one million. On the third-party content platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, WALLSTREETCN.COM also had tens of millions of subscribers.