Investment field
The Fund focuses on investment in cultural and related industries, including broadcast, films& TV, media, internet, animation, advertising, entertainment, design and other culture related industries. No less than 50% of the fund capital will be allocated in culture and its related industries.
Investment objectives
Companies should be in sub-sectors that have good prospects. The business is innovative with sustained and stable growth.
Investment philosophy
Our fund cooperates with portfolio companies to integrate resources, introduce advance management approaches and improve corporate governance. We would help companies to conduct subsequent financing and IPO.
Investment team
Our team has excellent talents with knowledge in finance, investment, management, technology, etc. They have sufficient experience in capital management, investment, enterprise operation, accounting/ auditing, legal advisory, etc.
Investment ability
Our team has lots of investment experience, has deep understanding of domestic and global macro-economy and industry development. We can find investment opportunities and add value to our portfolio companies.
Value-added service
Shanghai culture industrial investment fund provides comprehensive financial services besides capital injection to our portfolio companies. We help our portfolio companies create value through our lots of value- added services.
- Intergrade industrial resources in the value chain to create synergy.
- Help portfolio companies raise their impact to build good fame.
- Provide strategic advice to help portfolio companies to improve corporate governance.
- Improve portfolio companies’ financing ability.
- Help portfolio companies establish powerful management team.
- Help portfolio companies enhance business development to improve profitability.